World Education Day-2018(WED-2018)
★ Program Layout

Preliminary Program



Block 1: Celebrations and Plenary Lecture


Day 1: Ceremony and PL & Dialog

Part 1: The Ceremony of Confucius

Part 2: Opening Ceremony and Keynote Forum

Part 3: Nobel Laureate Forum

Part 4: Dialog: What are Next Big Things in Education


Day 2: PL & Dialog

Part 1: Plenary Lectures on Educational Innovation and Cooperation

Part 2: Panel Discussion: How to Cultivate Innovative Talents?


Block 2: Global Program


Block 2-1: Global Education Policies Interpretation

Theme 211: American Education Policies Interpretation

Theme 212: European Education Policies Interpretation

Theme 213: Asian Education Policies Interpretation

Theme 214: Chinese Education Policies Interpretation

Theme 215: Shandong Education Policies Interpretation


Block 2-2: Voices of International Education Organizations

Theme 221: Voices from UNESCO

Theme 222: Voices from World Digital Library

Theme 223: Voices from Association of International Educators

Theme 224: Voices from European Association for International Education

Theme 225: Voices from APAIE


Block 3: Regional Schedule


Block 3-1: Silkroad Education Partnership

Theme 311: China’s Regional Education Partnership

Theme 312: Sino-Southeast Asian Education Partnership

Theme 313: Sino-South Asian Education Partnership

Theme 314: Sino-West Asian Education Partnership

Theme 315: Sino-Central Asian Education Partnership

Theme 316: Sino-European Education Partnership


Block 4: Domestic Agenda


Theme 4-1: Educational Reform and Innovation in the Era ofInternet Plus

Theme 4-2: Education Equity and Balanced Development of Compulsory Education

Theme 4-3: Integration of Urban and Rural Compulsory Education

Theme 4-4: The Predicament and Thinking of Rural Compulsory Education

Theme 4-5: High School Innovation and Entrepreneurship: How Do Dreams Shine in Reality?

Theme 4-6: From School Enterprise Cooperation to Integration of Production and Education


Block 5: Future Plan


Block 5-1: Online Education and Smart Education

Theme 511: Online Education and Distance Education

Theme 512: Digital Library and Digital Education

Theme 513: Innovative Smart Teaching and Learning Technologies

Theme 514: Smart Classroom, Smart Curriculum and Courseware Design

Theme 515: Artificial Intelligence in Education

Theme 516: Educational Robot Technology

Theme 517: Big Data in Education

Theme 518: Mobile Learning and Educational App

Theme 519: 3D Printing and Virtual Reality Technology


Block 6: International Ideaslab


Theme 6-1: New International Policies of Study Abroad

Theme 6-2: Cross-Border Education

Theme 6-3: Educational Fairness and Inclusive Education

Theme 6-4: International Education Partnership


Theme 7: Confucius Institute Forum


Theme 7-1: Confucius Institute President Forum

Theme 7-2: The Role of Confucius Institute in Chinese Culture Globalization

Theme 7-3: Transformation and Innovation in Confucius Classroom

Theme 7-4: The Future and Prospect of Confucius Institute


Block 8: Science Salon


Block 8-1: Preschool Education

Theme 811: Global New Developmental Strategy for Preschool Education

Theme 812: New Idea and Strategy for Kindergarten Management and Operation

Theme 813: Leadership Shaping of Preschool Principal and Specialization Developing of Teacher

Theme 814: Scientific Arrangement and Implementation of Preschool Curriculum

Theme 815: Early Childhood Health Care and Children Development

Theme 816: Technology Innovation and Environment Establishment

Theme 817: Internet Plus Preschool Education

Theme 818: Effective Experience, Strategy and Plan of The Kindergarten Enrollment

Theme 819: Preschool Security and Crisis Management

Theme 8110: Problems and Countermeasures of Rural Preschool Education


Block 8-2: K12 Education

Track 821: How to Improve the Quality of Compulsory Education and Promote Balanced Development of the Education

Track 822: Explore New Model for the Training of Primary and Secondary School Teachers and Principals

Track 823: How to Reform the Teacher Evaluation System

Track 824: Schoolwork Burden Problems and Countermeasures

Track 825: Mental Health Education

Track 826 How to Improve the Students' Innovation Ability

Track 827: Current Situation and the Countermeasures of Rural Compulsory Education in Remote Areas

Track 828: Compulsory Education for Disabled Children and Left-behind Children's Education

Track 829: The New Opportunity and Business Model for Training Agencies in K12 Online Education


Block 8-3: High Education Leadership Summit

Theme 831: Top Universities President Summit

Theme 832: The Opportunities and Challenges in Constructing World-class University for China's Higher Education

Theme 833: Innovate Classroom Teaching and The Construction of Teaching Staff

Theme 834: New Model for Cultivation of Innovative Talents

Theme 835: The Current Situation Analysis of the Teaching Quality for University Undergraduate

Theme 836: New Model of Chinese-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools for Universities

Theme 837: Foreign Student Education in Colleges and Universities

Theme 838: New Technology Industrialization in Colleges and Universities


Block 8-4: Informal Education

Theme 841: Quality Education

Theme 842: Vocational Education

Theme 843: Continuing Education

Theme 844: Non-state Education

Theme 845: Family Education

Theme 846: Health Education and Sports Education

Theme 847: Ubiquitous and Lifelong Learning


Block 9: Innovator Studio


Theme 9-1: Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship Policies and Supports

Theme 9-2: Trends and Approaches of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Higher Education

Theme 9-3: Social Innovation Education


Block 10: Busniess and Career Nexus


Theme 10-1: Business, Administration and Management in Education

Theme 10-2: New Exploration of Entrepreneurial Business Model in Education O2O

Theme 10-3: Diversifying Financing and Rational Allocation of Education Funds

Theme 10-4: Education Investment, Brand Marketing and Operating Management

Theme 10-5: New Platform Construction for Introducing Excellent International Education


Theme 10-6: Cooperation in Education Engineering between Universities and Industries

Theme 10-7: International United Lab

Theme 10-8: Match Making, Career Fair and Partnership


Block 11: Certification and Training Center


Theme 11-1: High Quality MBA Education Certification and Training

Theme 11-2: Engineering Education Certification

Theme 11-3: Quality Certification of Study Abroad

Theme 11-4: Education Degree Certification

Theme 11-5: English Test Certification and Training

Theme 11-6: Art Education Certification and Training

Theme 11-7: Medical Education Certification

Theme 11-8: Vocational Education Training

Theme 11-9: Employment and Entrepreneurship Training

Theme 11-10: IT Skills Training

Theme 11-11: Online Education Training


Block 12: Edu-Village


EV 1: Online Education

EV 2: Smart Education

EV 3: Preschool Education

EV 4: K12 Education

EV 5: High Education

EV 6: Quality Education

EV 7: Vocational Education

EV 8: Continuing Education

EV 9: Non-state Education

EV 10: Family Education

EV 11: Health Education

EV 12: Sports Education

EV 13: Ubiquitous and Lifelong Learning

EV 14: Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship

EV 15: Education Management

EV 16: Education Certification and Training



Block 13: WED’ s Bazaar


Block 13-1: Posters

Theme 1311: New Educational Technologies and Methods

Theme 1312: Online Education

Theme 1313: Preschool Education

Theme 1314: K12 Education

Theme 1315: High Education

Theme 1316: International Education

Theme 1317: Alternative Education


Block 13-2: Exhibition

Zone 1: Preschool Education

Zone 2: K12 Education

Zone 3: High Education

Zone 4: Vocational Education
Zone 5: Interactive Teaching Equipment

Zone 6: Online Education Applications and Services

Zone 7: Smart Campus and IT Infrastructure

Zone 8: Logistics Management and Safe Campus

Zone 9: Education Professional Certification and Training

Zone 10: Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Block 14: Joyful Commune


Activity 1: Welcome Banquet and Art Performance

Activity 2: Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party

Activity 3: Famous Interview in School and Enterprise

Activity 4: Top 10 Education Institutions

Activity 5: Top 10 Outstanding Teachers

Activity 6: Study Abroad Briefing

Activity 7: Education Equipment Procurement Show

Activity 8: Enrollment Experience Exchange

Activity 9: Field Trip to Educational Institutions

Activity 10: Jinan Impression Tech-Tour


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