World Education Day-2017(WED-2017)
★ Program Layout


World Education Day-2017
Theme: Inheritance, Innovation, Cooperation, Development

Time: September 27-29, 2017
Place: Dalian, China


Tentative Program

Main Conference
Part 1: Welcome Banquet and Opening Ceremony
Part 2: Plenary Lectures on Education for Sustainable Development
Block 1: Educational Leadership Forum
Forum 1-1: New Leadership in Education
-Top 100 President talking about How to Build World Class Universities
Forum 1-2: International Collaborations in Education
-Collaboration Connecting to the World
Forum 1-3: K12 Education Leadership Forum
-Focus on Kindergarten Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education, High School Education
·Global Opportunity and the Best Business Model of K12 Education
·Digitalization and Informatization Tech of K12 Education
·Deep Learning and K12 Education
Forum 1-4: Higher Education
·Rising of Next Generation Social Competencies in HE
·New Teaching Model for Innovative Talents and Research
·New Model for Student Entrepreneurs
Forum 1-5: Focus on Graduate Schools
·Cultivation Mode Innovation for Graduate Students
·Disciplines and Tutors Team Construction Innovation
·Evaluation and Supervision Mechanism Reform
·How to Improve the Level of Scientific Research?
Forum 1-6: Vocational Education and Continuing Education
Block 2: Family Education
Forum 2-1: Family Education Forum Forum 2-2: Domestic Family Education Development Seminar and International Family Education Summit Forum
Forum 2-3: Report on the Progress of Family Education in Various Cities of China
Block 3: Symposia of Quality Education
Forum 3-1: International Language Training and Language Education Forum 3-2: Early Childhood Education and Art Specialty Training
Forum 3-3: Social Art Education Forum Forum 3-4: Medical and Health Education
Block 4: International Education Forum
Forum 4-1: Cross-Border Education, New International Policies of Study Abroad and Educational Fairness and Inclusive Education
Block 5: Digital Education and Internet + Education Development
Forum 5-1: Online Education, Smart Education, Distance Education FForum 5-2: Digital Library and Digital Education
Block 6: Symposia of Commonweal Education
Block 7:Training Institution President Forum
Block 8: Cultural and Social Activities
Activity 1: Welcome Banquet Activity 2: Industrial Sponsored Cocktail Party
Activity 3: Educational EXPO and Posters Activity 4: Study Abroad Presentation
Activity 5: Field Trip to Educational Institutions Activity 6: Famous Interview in School and Enterprise
Activity 7: Education Equipment Procurement Show Activity 8: Dalian Impression Tech-Tour
News update

Program released already!
● Call for Session Chairs and Speakers
● Call for Exhibitors and Sponsors
● Call for Media Partners and Advertisers

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