World Education Day Assembly(WEDA-2019)
★ Past Conference Report

The 2018 World Education Day which held in Jinan, China was a tremendous success. Jinan is an economically rapidly growing city with rich political and cultural background. In this city full of historical traces of Chinese ancient educational concept, the WED-2018 colliding with both birthday and birthplace of Confucius, hit the bell for experts, educators and institutions to widen communications, broaden collaborations and deepen beneficial educational concepts. With each and every attendee’s support and enthusiasm, WED-2018 was not only smooth and successful; it caught attention all-round the globe. We are grateful to each attendee for their generous commitments made to upgrade and update the field of education during the conference, and we believe that their contribution is to influence and benefit upcoming generations and the human society.


We were honored to have the following keynote speakers: 2006 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics, Dr. George F. Smoot, Professor, University of California, Berkeley, USA; 2001 Nobel Prize Laureate in Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Tim Hunt, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology; 2009 Nobel Prize Laureate in Chemistry, Ms. Ada Yonath, Department of Structural Biology, Weizmann Institute, Israel; Professor Daniel Zajfman, President, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel; Dr. Kakha Shengelia, International Association of University; President, Caucasus University, Georgia; Dr. Youmin Xi, Executive President, Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China; Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, Vice President, Chippewa Valley Technical College, USA; Mr. Chengzhong Ji, Vice President, China New School Research Association; Vice president, China Education Innovation Research Institute, Beijing Normal University; Ministry of Education, Ministry of Finance, National Teacher Training Program Experts, China; Mr. Wenqing Lyu, Instructional Expert in Reformation and Innovation of National Basic Education Course, China; discussed hot topics on education and shared their ideas during the Dialogue and Discussion with Masters and Nobel Prize Laureates session.


The three-day conference included New Leadership in Education, Global Education Policies Interpretation,Innovation and Cooperation in Silk Road Education, "Internet + Education",  New International Policies of Study Abroad, K12 Education…etc.


With immense support and suggestions from our participants, we are confident in organizing a much successful and influential WED-2019!

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